Welcome to the Jefferson Parish Office of Inspector General!

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) was created by a vote of the people as an oversight authority that could effectively investigate, audit and provide reviews at all levels of Parish government, while remaining autonomous, independent and insulated from improper influence.

I was pleased to have been selected as the first Inspector General of Jefferson Parish and eagerly began laying the foundation for the new department on March 18, 2013. The process of building a new and independent department of the Parish is one that requires the establishment of new policies and procedures, locating and equipping office space, establishment of position descriptions and the retention of well qualified staff, the development of case management systems and, most importantly, ensuring that we establish an effective working relationship with local, state, and federal officials.

I would ask that those wishing to bring information forward exercise discretion. It is estimated that the OIG will not be in a position to effectively process and act upon information received until approximately September of 2013. However, information that is of a critical nature may be submitted via email to: info@jpoig.net

Our Mission Statement:

The Jefferson Parish Office of Inspector General (JPOIG) is an operationally independent department within Jefferson Parish Government whose mission is to assist in improving operations and deterring and identifying fraud, waste, abuse and illegal acts and to provide increased accountability for parish government, its departments, agencies, special districts, and other entities receiving funds by or through the parish, in order to preserve public trust.

(1) The JPOIG achieves this mission through:

          Administrative and Criminal Investigations

          Audits of Parish programs and operations

          Reviews of Parish programs, operations and policies

(2) From these activities, the JPOIG issues reports of findings and recommendations to assure that government, through its elected officials, officers, directors and agents and employees, are held accountable for ensuring the efficient operation of government free from waste, inefficiency, misconduct, fraud, corruption, and abuse of public authority and resources.

(3) JPCO §2-155.10(7)

  1. Standards for initiating and conducting audits, investigations, inspections and performance reviews by the office of inspector general will conform to the Principles and Standards establish by Association of Inspector General (“AIG Standards”). See JPCO 2-155.10(13). See also AIG Standards, Organizing.
  2. The proper operation of democratic government requires that elected officials and public employees be accountable for their actions, that governmental decisions are made in a transparent manner subject to complete ethical and operation review, that public office and employment serve the highest standards of honesty and competence, and that there be public confidence in the integrity of government. La.R.S. 33:9611.


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